Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Favorites

I went hunting on Etsy for Vintage Christmas and found all this! 
Christmas Favorites

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fun Owl Pillows

Here are some new additions to my Etsy Shoppe!

Aren't they a HOOT!!!  I had some in a great little shop in downtown Terre Haute called 
Modern Charm  They were a huge hit & all are sold out!!  I do, however, have one little guy on Etsy! He's SO cute!  He has crooked eyes, just to give that Smart Owl some character.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black Friday!! It's Tuesday

Hello everyone,  Well, I have to admit that I went out at 3 in the AM on Friday!  I have NEVER been! So call me silly, or brave, either way it was an experience.  I actually enjoyed it!  All I came home with was   an iron.  Yep, you heard me an IRON!!  The kind no one wants to use.  But.... I do enjoy sewing & with that said a person needs an iron.. Now the back-story to why I needed an iron....
     You see, usually I am a very up-beat happy go lucky sort of person, but when my 5year old, very dependable, turn off automatically, iron goes on the blink....Not Good! 
    As I was ironing one evening with this normally good natured iron, it decided to just quit heating up!  Now I like a very HOT iron, so... I shook it & surprise, it started to heat up.  No problem.  Now as I'm ironing along, just as happy as a lark, the stupid S.O.B quit heating up, for like the 15th time!  Now that seems harsh, but the dumb thing kept getting cold & I kept shaking, and cussing! And... this went on for at least 15-20 min!!!! 
   So, I  told my husband that I was going to throw a FIT!  I know, normally a person about to throw a fit doesn't announce that they are about to do so, but it seemed fitting. 
   I grabbed the iron, un-plugged it from the electrical outlet, opened the front door & proceeded to "pitch" it to the road!!!  Well, when I "pitched" it, the cord wrapped around my leg & it only made it as far as the  flower bed!  Talk about mad!  I then slammed the door shut, stood there, and then opened the door again, picked the iron from the dead flowers & asked my hubby if he could fix it!!!  hehehe
   He told me that to throw a proper fit, one must "chuck" the item so hard that it will never be "fixable"!!!  My reply was, "So, you CAN'T fix it?"
   Lesson Learned: Don't throw a FIT!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone, young & old!  Give thanks everyday, not just this day.  Enjoy1 Heidi

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stockings & Vintage Quilts & NO CAMERA

     Ok, so here is the deal...I can't find my camera!  I've put it in my purse & now it's gone.  I was going to show you my Old Quilt/New Stocking!!  I really, really need to tidy up my crafting area!  It's horrible, I'd show you but I CANT FIND MY CAMERA!   I'm so sorry to be yelling at you.  It's not your fault I'm a ding-dong-ding-bat!!!
     Have you all searched on Etsy lately for PIF's.  I've found some really cool stuff.  If your wanting a "for real real" PIF be sure to put a dollar amount in the box.  I do 0 to .50.  I know, it only costs .20 cents to list an item on Etsy & for it to be a "real real" PIF it should be .20 cents, but.... with shipping, packaging, PayPal etc.. it can truly add up.  That's just the way I do it, don't be so harsh, sometimes I don't even put in a $$$ amount.  But, you know,  then I get to thinking that it's more of "actual item cost" then & is that really a true PIF??? I'm not sure, guess it depends on the individual.  What do you guys think?
   Well, no camera, no pics, BORING!
HuGs & KiSses to all & to all a GoOdNite!!
     I could eat a few dark chocolate kisses right about now!  

Sunday, October 25, 2009


     Well, the idea was put the Etsy shop on vacation to work on crafts for a Nov. 7th show....I went shopping with a friend today and was in TJMaxx for 3 HOURS!!!  Now I'm up at 1:14am letting everyone know I'm not crafting!!! 
     I have been cutting a quilt into small stockings.  I just hate to cut up old quilts.  As a quilter who starts lots of quilts, but never seems to finish any, I know how much time, sweat, tears, stitches and blood goes into one, it pains me to take one & cut,cut,cut.   The only ones I chop-up have no other uses, I promise!  I have a few that really should be cut up & re-purposed, but I keep thinking, I can SAVE them.  You know, take the quilt top off the ratty old back, throw away the old and tattered batting.  Repair all the holes, by hand of course, and put back together with a new back & warm n' fuzzy middle batting.  Come on!  I don't have that kind of time, so I'm just packing them away for when I get REALLY old or REALLY bored! 
    Oh, I also just burnt a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies!!!  :o(   I'll just have to drink my milk alone.

Try to have a great week, shop away, eat fresh cookies (not burnt ones) and stay healthy!!!  XoxO, heidi

Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's been too long!  Sorry about the delay, but things get sooooo out of control!  Time just flys by and POOF!  It's October!!  Yeah!!  Halloween, I can't wait to show you what I've done!  They are 2 Halloween ornies from Vintage Postcards on cardboard with shiny silver accents !

Little Witchie Poo & Happy Jac!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Too Busy for This

Well, that seems a bit harsh, but I have been way to busy to post anything worth while. Just sent my baby off to college, and he took all my $$$! JK, well not really. Anywho, I have not had time to scour all my usual places for my great "finds" or "treasures", whichever you prefer. The last time I was "out & about" I did grab something that I am pretty sure I am keeping to myself, unless I need some "cash 4 college"! Hey, the government needs to start THAT program!!! Or do you count all that Federal Government forms we filled out earlier this year? I am getting totally off the subject here. My fingers can't seem to keep up with the head either! I did find this great 1950's (60's) red half apron that I LOVE!! It is in very good shape & the white thread is still white, sometimes you get items that have bled onto the white's. Hope now I can get back to posting at least ONCE a WEEK!! C U L8TR! XoxO, H

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jilly Jack Note Cards

Check This Out,;**;,
**;,Fun Cards, hun?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hello everyone,

I would like to pass this info on to any artists out there who would like to help
with this endeavor!!

Hi! I am contacting you in the hopes that you can share the following with your team members--please forgive the length of this convo!

I am helping to run an event for THE CREATIVE CENTER-which is a great organization that brings the arts to children and adults who have cancer. You can read more about all the good work they do at They are holding a benefit September 24th in Manhattan which will be attended by several hundred supporters, including some celebrities like Liam Neeson, Vanessa Redgrave, and some well known local artists like William Weegman. Other Hollywood A-Listers are submitting "doodles" which will be auctioned off at the event.

My job is to collect 250 pieces of original postcard art (4 x 6) from emerging artists like yourselves or your team members. These will be given to people who purchase tickets for the event. Each piece will be displayed with the artist's name and info during the course of the event; it is a great way to have your work looked at by a lot of people and also to help others who are not as fortunate.

If you know someone who has been touched by cancer, this is a great way to honor them.

If you or someone you know would like to participate in this gallery please send your artwork by August 31 to:

Lorrie Veasey
224 West 29th Street
5th Floor
NYC NY 10001

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hey look what I found

Etsy vs. Zibbet

I really think that this Zibbet site has alot to offer, it's just very new and not alot of sellers or buyers. Etsy has been around since 2005, June 18th,2005 and Zibbet is brand spanking new. I'm not sure if it will take off, but I have some destash paper stuff on it, just incase. Enjoy Life,XoxO

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Check out this new handmade and vintage site!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cute little kitty!!

and Welcome!!

Well, I don't know how to get my Etsy shop off every single post?? I can't even find where I inserted it on the Html???

Here are pictures of two of my kittens. Their mamas were "drop-off" cats and silly me thought that 2 out of the three were males. Guess what.... they were all females & had kittens. Three litters!!!! Now I have to get rid of all these sweet kittens, I want to keep them all, but I have 3 females to get fixed, and who knows how many of the babies are female???? Spay & Neuter your dogs & cats, and don't take them to the country & drop them off at the first stop sign you find.
Have a Great Friday!!! TGIF!! Love your Pets!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Check this will expire on Monday!!

Tee-Shirt Pants or T Capris

This is my Tee Shirt Before And here are the Capris

Hello & Welcome,

Okay, I really didn't believe that I could make a pair of pants/capris from a tee shirt in 30 minutes, but guess what? I did!

I found this web page while I was supposed to be cleaning house. (so...the housework will just have to wait!) And I thought to myself, self, you really have to see if this can be done!

Try it. It would be a great beginners, kids, or even yoga group project!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Fun!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend & enjoying the beautiful weather in Indiana!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hummingbird Feeder

Hello, so sorry to be so late on posting this, but... things are quite busy. At least the weather is sunny & no rain!

I think I will try to post all the pictures at once since doing the feeder is super easy! First thing is finding a hummingbird feeder tube! You can easily find these on the web. After getting the feeding tube you will need a couple of feet (3 @ most) of copper wire. I used 10 gauge electrical wire & stripped the plastic coating off. Then get a bottle. Almost any will do. I liked the looks of this salad dressing bottle, but the opening was to big for my feeder tube. No problem, just drill a hole in the screw-off lid & insert feeder tube! Twist the copper wire around the neck of your bottle a couple of times and then wrap the wire up to the bottom of your bottle. At the top, bottom of bottle, make a loop to hang your feeder by. There you have it, a hummingbird feeder made by you!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hummingbird Feeder

Here is a picture of my handmade hummingbird feeder.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How To

In the next couple of days I am going to be showing you how to make your own hummingbird feeder!! Stay Tuned!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Herb Faire

On Saturday, May 9th, at Fairbanks Park, Terre Haute, Indiana,The Herb Society will be holding an annual Herb Faire!
There will be herbs, of course, gifts (Mother's Day is Sun.), garden stuff, and lots more!
Stop by & say "HI" & tell me you saw my Blog & you'll get a gift!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Good Morning, I want to take a very short minute to thank everyone who stops by to read my sometimes interesting posts!! THanK YoU!!!

Now, I have experimented a little w/ HTML & as you see I have added my features from my Etsy Store. Well..... I only wanted it at the top, not the top of every post!

Stay with me & I will try to get it right!!!

Thanks, See you again soon!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Etsy For Charity & EFC team

Good Afternoon!!

I am now a member of the EFC Team. EFC stands for EtsyForCharity. It is a group of Etsians who donate items they craft to be sold for charity. Each month The EFC Store picks a charitable organization to give the money to. For the month of April it is Autism Speaks, click on the following link .

Now, I figured that I can always make another pincushion, so.... I donated my yellow vintage tea-cup pincushion for the month of April . I also purchased a jar of handmade cream from EFC Shop to show my support of a great group of people.

If you would like to purchase the tea-cup pincushion just click on the link above or at the left.

Enjoy the SunShine!!! :o)

Week End GetAWay

Want to get a way this weekend?? Why not shop on Etsy for a DIY spa treatment? http://mountainmamachic.etsy,com/ or a picture perfect vacation spot? Search INCrowd team and find more Indiana finds for the perfect weather get a way!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day

Tax Day!! Hope everyone isn't waiting till the last minute to file!! Relax, file for an extension if you just don't have all your paperwork together!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break is Here!!!

Happy Spring Break Indiana!!! See you in a Week!!! Sunshine & Sand here I come!! Xoxo, Heidi

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thrift Store Find after photos

All Finished!!!

I think this little tea cup pincushion came out very cute. It was very easy to do too!

Here are a couple of more photos.

Hope you Like it Too!!! XoxO

Visit Etsy Today

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hello Again, Just thought I'd give you a little update on my tea cup. It is circa 1957 Pattern#9029, (this info came from Replacements LTD). They didn't have any & neither did Ebay?? At least not in the pattern I have. To bad I only have the cup, no saucer. : ( I'm not sure if I should do anything to it now or not???? It does look lonely w/o a saucer though. Well, see you later alligator!! If anyone is even reading this???

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hello, just wanted to post this great thrift-store find!!

It is a sweet little teacup with yellow dog-wood blooms!!

I thought I would make a pincushion with it & the scrap fabric

I have it on. I was excited to see that it is numbered too!!

The bottom has "Roslyn hu era fine bone China England "periwinkle"', & 9029 hand written in orange.

I will be sure to post the finished product when (&if) I get it done!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Check this out

As you know I love etsy and buy & sell (more buying) there. I have purchase great fabric from Jody, who has a wonderful site called everyday beautiful. If you get a chance please check her out!! She sells wonderful fabrics by Amy Butler, M. Miller, Free Style, etc....If you go to the following link you will find fun free patterns.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well, you all know what tomorrow is right???  yes, it's April Fools. Don't think some smart#*$ isn't going to try to get you good.  I've already gotten it by my favorite kid!  I tried to log into my computer & ... yes you guessed it I get "shut off" right after!!  I'm now on his!!LOL Can't get by me that easy.  He even went so far as to set me up!  Told me of some virus that is "evolving" and hacking into computers all over the world,  on April 1st.  Ok, if this is somehow true, then... I've been got!  I know very little about this wonder machine, and frankly, that's ok.  I can do just what I need to, like this!  And logging into any and all shopping on the www.   If you too get caught tomorrow as a big'ol'fool,  Congratulations!!!!  Just remember to get em early next year!!  Happy Fools Day!!  I Love It!!!   XoxO, Heidi

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Being on Etsy

Happy Spring!!

Hope everyone is enjoying this Indiana weather!! You just never know about it, one day warm the next could be snow!

Yesterday I picked daffodils!! Just hit the spell chk button to make sure that daffodils was one L not 2! Any who, they are so cute in my Vintage Quilt Bags (sold on Etsy!) Check out

Enjoy the weather!!! XoxO, ~Heidi~