Sunday, October 25, 2009


     Well, the idea was put the Etsy shop on vacation to work on crafts for a Nov. 7th show....I went shopping with a friend today and was in TJMaxx for 3 HOURS!!!  Now I'm up at 1:14am letting everyone know I'm not crafting!!! 
     I have been cutting a quilt into small stockings.  I just hate to cut up old quilts.  As a quilter who starts lots of quilts, but never seems to finish any, I know how much time, sweat, tears, stitches and blood goes into one, it pains me to take one & cut,cut,cut.   The only ones I chop-up have no other uses, I promise!  I have a few that really should be cut up & re-purposed, but I keep thinking, I can SAVE them.  You know, take the quilt top off the ratty old back, throw away the old and tattered batting.  Repair all the holes, by hand of course, and put back together with a new back & warm n' fuzzy middle batting.  Come on!  I don't have that kind of time, so I'm just packing them away for when I get REALLY old or REALLY bored! 
    Oh, I also just burnt a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies!!!  :o(   I'll just have to drink my milk alone.

Try to have a great week, shop away, eat fresh cookies (not burnt ones) and stay healthy!!!  XoxO, heidi

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