Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Good Old Man Winter is Leaving Indiana!

Finally, Spring is Here!  It is so good to be able to go outside in flip-flops!!  Or "sweet-pops" as a little girl I know loves to say!!
Have you ever noticed how easy they are to put on your feet? No matter if they are a bit large or a bit small they ALWAYS fit!  Why aren't all shoes that easy to put on?  Well, I do have a pair of muck boots that go on that easy! hehe

So sorry for the lack of input!!  It's been like... I don't know.... a year!  Literally!  So much can change in a year's time!  I have not been crafting like a mad woman!  In fact, I have been a lazy slug!  Oh, how it feels good to do nothing!

I will get back to surfing the web for great ideas & fun stuff to do, as well as, get to some rummage sales & thrift stores.   I do miss the rummaging!

Until...not next year I hope!... later pals!!  XoxO, heidi   :o)