Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Year....New Allergies

New Year, twenty-ten!
 Along with it...new allergies. 
 You see I've been an itchy mess for, well, most of last year.  Off to the doctor I went for a blood test.  The test shows what you are allergic to.  Easy right?  NO!  For the last 17 years I've been avoiding white potatoes.  I always have to say, "Not sweet potatoes, which I don't like", and so 6mos ago, guess what....I can eat them, the white potatoes!  Yeah!  French fries, mashed potatoes, potato chips, baked, twice baked (no cheese, allergic to that as well), potato soup!!  You get the idea.  So, I am literally eating potatoes every stinkin' day!  Yummm    Last week I found out that I'm still allergic to them as well as some things that were show "safe" by the blood test.  So sorry for my french, but, WTF??  My newest "stay away from it, it'll kill you"  is CORN!  I live in a corn producing state!  No corn on the cob, no tacos ( I miss them, all Mexican food), no corn chips, no pop (only due to the fact that it is sweetened with high fructose CORN syrup), no microwave PoPcOrn, no corn dogs!  No corn fresh, frozen or canned!

Now for the POSITIVES, because we always look to the things we CAN have.  I can have all the PEANUTS I want!!  Skippy makes a great, no corn syrup, natural peanut butter, try it you'll LOVE it!  I can have ALL WHEAT products, good thing because I LOVE Kashi Autumn Harvest, try it, it is NOTHING like shreaded wheat (yuk). So, Hello 20-10, A new year with a whole new plan of action,  Cooking & baking for allergies to: corn,rye,barley,malt, egg yolk,mushrooms,cheese,lamb,pears & apples!  Tricky but do-able.... I am not, now listen carefully, this is why the above list is "do" able, DARK CHOCOLATE!!!!  All is good, when there is chocolate!!! 

Smile & help support the victims of the Haiti earthquake!!  XoxO