Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Favorites

I went hunting on Etsy for Vintage Christmas and found all this! 
Christmas Favorites

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fun Owl Pillows

Here are some new additions to my Etsy Shoppe!

Aren't they a HOOT!!!  I had some in a great little shop in downtown Terre Haute called 
Modern Charm  They were a huge hit & all are sold out!!  I do, however, have one little guy on Etsy! He's SO cute!  He has crooked eyes, just to give that Smart Owl some character.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black Friday!! It's Tuesday

Hello everyone,  Well, I have to admit that I went out at 3 in the AM on Friday!  I have NEVER been! So call me silly, or brave, either way it was an experience.  I actually enjoyed it!  All I came home with was   an iron.  Yep, you heard me an IRON!!  The kind no one wants to use.  But.... I do enjoy sewing & with that said a person needs an iron.. Now the back-story to why I needed an iron....
     You see, usually I am a very up-beat happy go lucky sort of person, but when my 5year old, very dependable, turn off automatically, iron goes on the blink....Not Good! 
    As I was ironing one evening with this normally good natured iron, it decided to just quit heating up!  Now I like a very HOT iron, so... I shook it & surprise, it started to heat up.  No problem.  Now as I'm ironing along, just as happy as a lark, the stupid S.O.B quit heating up, for like the 15th time!  Now that seems harsh, but the dumb thing kept getting cold & I kept shaking, and cussing! And... this went on for at least 15-20 min!!!! 
   So, I  told my husband that I was going to throw a FIT!  I know, normally a person about to throw a fit doesn't announce that they are about to do so, but it seemed fitting. 
   I grabbed the iron, un-plugged it from the electrical outlet, opened the front door & proceeded to "pitch" it to the road!!!  Well, when I "pitched" it, the cord wrapped around my leg & it only made it as far as the  flower bed!  Talk about mad!  I then slammed the door shut, stood there, and then opened the door again, picked the iron from the dead flowers & asked my hubby if he could fix it!!!  hehehe
   He told me that to throw a proper fit, one must "chuck" the item so hard that it will never be "fixable"!!!  My reply was, "So, you CAN'T fix it?"
   Lesson Learned: Don't throw a FIT!