Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black Friday!! It's Tuesday

Hello everyone,  Well, I have to admit that I went out at 3 in the AM on Friday!  I have NEVER been! So call me silly, or brave, either way it was an experience.  I actually enjoyed it!  All I came home with was   an iron.  Yep, you heard me an IRON!!  The kind no one wants to use.  But.... I do enjoy sewing & with that said a person needs an iron.. Now the back-story to why I needed an iron....
     You see, usually I am a very up-beat happy go lucky sort of person, but when my 5year old, very dependable, turn off automatically, iron goes on the blink....Not Good! 
    As I was ironing one evening with this normally good natured iron, it decided to just quit heating up!  Now I like a very HOT iron, so... I shook it & surprise, it started to heat up.  No problem.  Now as I'm ironing along, just as happy as a lark, the stupid S.O.B quit heating up, for like the 15th time!  Now that seems harsh, but the dumb thing kept getting cold & I kept shaking, and cussing! And... this went on for at least 15-20 min!!!! 
   So, I  told my husband that I was going to throw a FIT!  I know, normally a person about to throw a fit doesn't announce that they are about to do so, but it seemed fitting. 
   I grabbed the iron, un-plugged it from the electrical outlet, opened the front door & proceeded to "pitch" it to the road!!!  Well, when I "pitched" it, the cord wrapped around my leg & it only made it as far as the  flower bed!  Talk about mad!  I then slammed the door shut, stood there, and then opened the door again, picked the iron from the dead flowers & asked my hubby if he could fix it!!!  hehehe
   He told me that to throw a proper fit, one must "chuck" the item so hard that it will never be "fixable"!!!  My reply was, "So, you CAN'T fix it?"
   Lesson Learned: Don't throw a FIT!

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