Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stockings & Vintage Quilts & NO CAMERA

     Ok, so here is the deal...I can't find my camera!  I've put it in my purse & now it's gone.  I was going to show you my Old Quilt/New Stocking!!  I really, really need to tidy up my crafting area!  It's horrible, I'd show you but I CANT FIND MY CAMERA!   I'm so sorry to be yelling at you.  It's not your fault I'm a ding-dong-ding-bat!!!
     Have you all searched on Etsy lately for PIF's.  I've found some really cool stuff.  If your wanting a "for real real" PIF be sure to put a dollar amount in the box.  I do 0 to .50.  I know, it only costs .20 cents to list an item on Etsy & for it to be a "real real" PIF it should be .20 cents, but.... with shipping, packaging, PayPal etc.. it can truly add up.  That's just the way I do it, don't be so harsh, sometimes I don't even put in a $$$ amount.  But, you know,  then I get to thinking that it's more of "actual item cost" then & is that really a true PIF??? I'm not sure, guess it depends on the individual.  What do you guys think?
   Well, no camera, no pics, BORING!
HuGs & KiSses to all & to all a GoOdNite!!
     I could eat a few dark chocolate kisses right about now!  

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  1. Didn't have any Kisses so had to settle for Dove Dark Chocolate, YUM! XoxO