Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well, you all know what tomorrow is right???  yes, it's April Fools. Don't think some smart#*$ isn't going to try to get you good.  I've already gotten it by my favorite kid!  I tried to log into my computer & ... yes you guessed it I get "shut off" right after!!  I'm now on his!!LOL Can't get by me that easy.  He even went so far as to set me up!  Told me of some virus that is "evolving" and hacking into computers all over the world,  on April 1st.  Ok, if this is somehow true, then... I've been got!  I know very little about this wonder machine, and frankly, that's ok.  I can do just what I need to, like this!  And logging into any and all shopping on the www.   If you too get caught tomorrow as a big'ol'fool,  Congratulations!!!!  Just remember to get em early next year!!  Happy Fools Day!!  I Love It!!!   XoxO, Heidi

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  1. OOpps, can you comment on your own paragraph?? I give myself an A+++