Monday, May 18, 2009

Hummingbird Feeder

Hello, so sorry to be so late on posting this, but... things are quite busy. At least the weather is sunny & no rain!

I think I will try to post all the pictures at once since doing the feeder is super easy! First thing is finding a hummingbird feeder tube! You can easily find these on the web. After getting the feeding tube you will need a couple of feet (3 @ most) of copper wire. I used 10 gauge electrical wire & stripped the plastic coating off. Then get a bottle. Almost any will do. I liked the looks of this salad dressing bottle, but the opening was to big for my feeder tube. No problem, just drill a hole in the screw-off lid & insert feeder tube! Twist the copper wire around the neck of your bottle a couple of times and then wrap the wire up to the bottom of your bottle. At the top, bottom of bottle, make a loop to hang your feeder by. There you have it, a hummingbird feeder made by you!!!